Dahlonega Jon Boat Anglers

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DJBA Charter/Rules

  1. Club Overview
    1. Membership fee is $20 per person per year.
    2. Anglers must register as teams (1 angler and 1 co-angler)
      1. Substitutes may be used if a member of a team is unable to attend a tournament.
      2. Each team may use a substitute a maximum of 5 times per year.
      3. Two man teams are the maximum amount of anglers allowed in one boat.
      4. In the event that anglers from different teams fish together in a tournament, a coin flip will decide whose team gets the points for the day.
    3. If a team is unable to attend a tournament, the team can pay the entry fee in advance and get the participation point for the day. The team must let one of the officers know they plan on paying for participation before blast off, and must pay the fee before the next tournament.
    4. The tournament will begin with a blast off with all boats in one line, facing the same direction.
  2. Tournaments
    1. Tournaments will be five fish limits. The five heaviest bass from each team will be totaled at the end of the day to determine the winner.
      1. Only bass (no striped) will be counted for the tournaments. In order to be weighed for the tournament, the fish must meet or exceed 12 inches. Unless fishing at Lake Lanier, where all bass must be at least 14 inches.
    2. Cost for members for tournament entry fee is $20 per team (1 or 2 man team) with a $5 optional Big Fish Pot per boat.
    3. In order for an angler to fish in a tournament, they must be a member of DJBA or pay a $40 fee per non-member team.
      1. All fees must be paid before the tournament begins.
    4. In the event of a tie, the team with the biggest fish of the two tied teams wins.
    5. No drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed.
    6. Any fish that fails to measure 12 inches and is brought to the weigh in, the fish’s weight will not be counted, and 1 point will be deducted from the boat’s daily amount.
    7. Any dead fish will result in a deduction of ½ of the fish’s weight from the team’s daily weight.
    8. If a team comes to the weigh in with more than 5 fish, they will automatically be disqualified.
    9. If an angler fails to be back on time, for every minute the angler(s) is/are late, they will lose ½ pound from their tournament total until they are 15 minutes late, then the weight is disqualified.
  3. Payouts
    1. For less than 10 boats:
      1. 1st place=60%
      2. 2nd place=20%
      3. Club Money=20%
    2. For more than 10 boats:
      1. 1st place=50%
      2. 2nd place=20%
      3. 3rd place=10%
      4. Club Money=20%
  4. General Rules
    1. Anglers are urged to use boatsmanship (i.e. obey the 50 yard rule when applicable).
    2. Allow room for the other anglers to fish without obstructing where they are casting.
    3. Fishermen participating in the tournaments will not be allowed to leave their boat unless for an emergency. In the event that a participant leaves the boat for an advantageous fishing position or anything other than an emergency, the boat’s weight will be disqualified.
    4. If an angler must leave during a tournament, it must be let known before the tournament begins, and must be back for the weigh in. If the angler does not make it back on time, the weighable fish caught by him will be disqualified.
    5. If someone is suspected of cheating, they will be disqualified from the day’s tournament and possibly kicked out of the club. We have zero tolerance.
    6. -Suspected meaning concrete evidence has been collected and proven.
    7. Pre-fishing the day before a tournament is allowed, but no anglers fishing the day's tournament are allowed to fish the tournament waters the day of an event.
  5. Gear
    1. Aerated livewells must be used to keep a 5 fish limit.
    2. Only fish caught on legal rod and reel will be accepted, no intentional snagging, netting, noodling, or dynamite.
    3. Only artificial lures will be accepted. If any of these rules are broken, it will result in a disqualification from the day’s tournament.
      1. Umbrella-style rigs will be allowed. (i.e. Alabama Rig).
    4. Trolling is not allowed in tournaments, meaning using the trolling motor/propulsion device to move the bait.
    5. All anglers are urged to get boats out of water before weigh in.
    6. For our tournaments held on Lake Lanier, we will still use electric only since we are an electric only Jon Boat Club.
  6. Team of the Year
    1. Points will be awarded at each tournament:
      1. 1st place=40 points
      2. 2nd place=36 points
      3. 3rd place=32 points
      4. 4th place=28 points
      5. 5th place=24 points
      6. 6th place=22 points
      7. 7th place=20 points
      8. 8th place=18 points
      9. 9th place=16 points
      10. 10th place=14 points
      11. 11th place=13 points
      12. 12th place=12 points
      13. 13th place=11 points
      14. 14th place=10 points
      15. 15th place=9 points
      16. Participation=5 points
  7. Classic
    1. The last tournament of the year will be our Classic tournament, which will have an additional sum of money from the memberships added to the pot.
    2. The top 12 teams will be qualified for the Classic tournament.
    3. The location of the Classic will be determined by a draw out of a hat the night before the event.
    4. No substitutes will be allowed in the Classic.
  8. Team of the Year
    1. The team that acquires the most points will be named the team of the year.
    2. This will be decided before the Classic.
  9. North Georgia Brawl
    1. We are now fishing towards a North Georgia Brawl (top 6 teams will be qualified for this) against other Jon Boat clubs from the area at the end of the year.